Macaroni Kids Recipes – Mass Appeal

How do you turn a sandwich into a fun snack? Make it a stick-wich!
resist these sandwiches either. how do you turn a sandwich in a fun snack? you make it a stick-wich. give them elbow room. i’m here with lori from macaroni kid and her kids jake and eli. hi, lori. >> hi! >> let’s get right at it. you’re going to start with a sandwich on a stick. >> yes. >> what are some of the materials that we need to make a sand >> you need?รง skewers. we cut them in half because they need to be able to fit in the lunch boxes. usually, they are twice this size. >> lunch boxes are finite inside. >> right. and you’re going to put everything on here. and when you’re done, you do want to clip the ends a little bit because they are a little sharp for kids. >> you don’t want them to take that. >> rig. >> basically, we start with the skewers here. you guys want to stake a skewer or two here. pass one of those down. jake, how old are you guys? >> i am 12. >> i am 12. >> and ja



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