Macadoodles – 9/21/17

Macadoodles – 9/21/17
is >> joy: welcome back to the show. our friend kim lorenzen from macadoodles is here. it’s been awhile >> guest: it has been awhile. good to see you guys. >> joy: i know. you have an event coming up this weekend. >> guest: we always have something fun going on. and saturday, we have our mac tober fest. i love it! we couldn’t do oktoberfest. all the benefits benefit the springfield chapter of the greyhound pets of america. >> jeremy: oh, nice! i totally support you, kim! >> guest: we will have lots of dogs there that are available for adoption. but the thing i love about this organization, is like, you don’t get to drink two beers and go, hey, i want a beer, i’ll take one home. you can see all the dogs that are available for adoption. and then, you fill out an application. and they do a background check. >> jeremy: that’s good. that’s important. >> guest: but not only can you view gray h



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