Macadoodles – 8/17/17

Macadoodles – 8/17/17
macadoodles, sounds right up my alley. all this stuff is kind of getting us in the mood for warmer weather going outside, right? >> guest: it is. it is. we’re starting to get spring and summer merchandise in. and what i’ve pulled for us today is all the things if you’re going to the beach or having a picnic or going canoeing, floating. just things that you can take with you that make life easy. >> joy: things that are portable, yeah! >> guest: this definitely is something you and i would like. it holds an entire bottle of wine. if you’ve got white wine in here, it’s going to keep it cold for 24 hours. you don’t have to worry about a cooler or anything for your wine. so that’s an awesome product. >> joy: you don’t want to take glass to the pool or the beach, because they probably won’t let you anyway. but this will hold the entire body. 24 hours it will stay cool, unbelievable! gotta get



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