Ma, What’s For Dinner?

A fun and easy cookbook
“ma…what’s for dinner”…it sounds innocent t enough right? our next guest nesays — that sentence can actually set multi-tasking moms and dads into a fs renzy.in her cookbook– ma what’s for dier? alexandra fitzpatrick presents everyday foods in a fun way — so that children enjoy what they’re eating. alexandra is a busy mom of 3 ..and .two of her sons are f here today… ..keegan anayd brady.welcome.. you say this isn’t you say this isn’t iabout tricking your kids to eating k right? what are you going gto be teaching us today?y? what are the ingredients? if you want alexandra’s recipes just go to our website and click on connecticut style…. alexandra…keegan and brady…thanks for being here. g coming up next…it’s a dance



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