LV Philharmonic & Tropical Smoothie Cafe

The Las Vegas Philharmonic and Tropical Smoothie Cafe are proud to present a taste of their upcoming performance.
welcome back, everyone, the lava philharmonic, this saturday will feature a special guest, fabio badini and he joins us with the philharmonic music director and conductor. good morning and welcome back. >> good morning. >> you are working on a performance. tell us about the show. >> saturday night, the next master works concert of the philharmonic. fabio, an old and dear friend, i’m thrilled to have him here playing this fantastic and unique piece. >> dao: very nice. we’re so excited, you flew all the way from germany to do this. you never say no when david calls. tell us about the performance. >> it’s a great piece, very loud and very — loudness is not necessarily something exciting sometimes, but in this case it really is. it’s written after a -in the orient, so you will hear chinese muscle dimelodies and arabian. >> tell us about some of the places you have performed. >> what do you



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