Lunchtime Challenge

Kids eat lunch at school every day, but making a meal that tastes great AND is nutritious can be a dreaded challenge. Food Network Chef and Mom Alex Guarnaschelli spoke with Shawn and gave some tips on how you can make a delicious meal, and how one lucky mom could win big!
>>> kids eat lunch at school every day but making meals that tae great and you are nutrition are a challenge for many parent. to get us out of the rut, cf and mom, alex guarnaschelli fm the food network. network. having lum lunch ready, easy and nutrition is difcu, especily when th garbage i ea to prepare. how we make hlt foods? >> i’m glad you asked. that’s at the heart of this. the challenge oreparing a good lunch. i’ partned with sara lee deli to help parents deal with this. i want to take words like fight, battle, out of the equation and put in tas, easy, positend fu luncis supposeto be fun. it was m favorite subject in school. so i havto tellou iave compiled a bunch o favorite ti and recipesndosted them on the sar leli febook page. check it out. a bent owe box to mix up the format. ha your childicnd choos and en deliee, cheeses, fruits vegetables. making it into a fun party food can



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