Lunchbox Makeover

Expert advice on how to turn your kids’ lunchboxes into something special! Learn about healthy alternatives to kids’ favorites, new snack ideas that are fun, and how to stretch that lunchbox dollar all in time before the first day of school!
welcome back to the “the morning blend.” the question, whose got the coolest lunchbox in the world? it cab you if you pack the rate items. to show us, kelly lester, creator of easy lunchboxes.com. thank you for joining us. >> you’re welcome. nice to be here. >> shawn: when i was young i had a double dare lunchbox. do you rember that? >> i do. >> shawn: i was the coolest kid in the world. i couldn’t tell you anything that was inside. what’s the most popular lunch for parents to pack? something healthy as well. >> well, there’s all kinds of choices. we can get beyond peanututter and jelly and ham and cheese. we have new, creative things. all fruit applesauces, greek yogurt. if you cook, you could include home made soup or chili and mix it up. it’s all about variety. >> shawn: absolutely. i rember bologna and cheese sandwiches but the kids are getting stepped up lunches nowadays. >> well, p



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