Lunch Box Meals

Lunch Box Meals
school year? it’s getting closer >> millaine: lauren is joined by one of festival foods foodies, sarah, who has ideas for changing up your lunchbox. >> i’m lauren and i’m so excited to be joined by sarah. sarah is one of our resident foodies. we are going to be talking about lunchboxes. >> we have great ideas. sometimes packing your lunch can be boring, so we are going to shake things up starting with kids lunches. >> we have a couple fun ideas. wanting to think about is think more about a balanced meal, something that’s vegetables, protein, dairy, to hit up all the different food groups. we have lots of different dairy options. we have our cottage cheese singles which are brand-new. they are great product. >> there’s different flavors. there’s pineapple, strawberry, peach. we have fruit and plane. we also have cheeses that make great snacks. >> they are easy to throw in your kids lunchb



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