Lunch Box Makeover

As summer comes to a close, parents will be thinking about starting their kids off right when they return to school by packing delicious, but nutritious, lunches. Packing a healthy lunch that kids will get excited about, and most importantly eat, is a real challenge. In fact, in a recent survey of moms, 85-percent admitted to sometimes preparing not-so-healthy items and 84-percent were looking for new options to add to their children’s brown bag. So Family Circle’s Health Director Meg Ragland has come up with tips and suggestions for turning a C+ lunch into one that will earn a well-deserved A+.
association since 1984. >> all right. back to a healthy lunch. packing a healthy lunch for kids every day can be a complete challenge and kids are headed back to school. we are going to help with lunch box makeovers and family service director meg with back to school tips. ing two the show this time, meg. hopefully you can hear me now. >> i can hear you loud and clear. what you touch on is exactly right. it is such a challenge to make a healthy lunch that will you feel good about and your kids will eat and not trade away for something else. >> we have basically taken the average lunch most moms make something similar to this. in a recent familiar circle survey we found 85% of moms sometimes pack not so healthy lunches for their kids and are looking for healthier options. >> rather than the sandwich made on white bread we have made it into an a- plus lunch. as well as replacing the white



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