Lucky J’s Chicken And Waffles

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if you’re like me and love breakfast food… the weekends are a perfect time to get creative with your cooking… and try some new tasty dishes… that’s why we have jason umlas here with us this morning… he’s the owner of lucky j’s chicken and waffles… and has a new spin on the traditional breakfast taco.3 jason umlaslucky j’s chicken &; walffleswe have lucky j’s chicken and waffles here in our studio this morning!owner jason umlas is here to show us how to make their new breakfast tacos!good morning jason. jason. 3 3 lucky j’s chicken &; walffles austin locations:corner of mlk and 3 rio grandecorner of e. 6th street and wallerwww.luckyjs.com www.luckyjs.comstreet and wallercorner of e. 6th 3 rio grandecorner of mlk and austin locations:walffleslucky walfflesaustin locations:3 walfflesaustin locations: corner of mlk and 3 rio grandecorner of e. 6th street and wallerwww.lucky



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