Low Calorie Summer Cocktails

This beautiful weather has us in a great mood… a summery kind of a mood and what goes better with summer than nice drink. Joining us is mixologist Brett McKinnon from Sambar in Newport, RI to show us some low calorie summer cocktails.
In theba studio. O.nnBen, thanks. This beautiful weather has us inn a great mood, aa summery kind of a mood and what gmooes better withh summerhan a nice drink. Typically cocktails are lay den with sugar and calories and if you’re looking to keep your girlish figure, which i’m sigure you are, we can make some tweaks. Tell me about what we’re going to be doing her be, beincause you actually work for a bar in newport.nnNewport, sambar, a brazilian tappas bar and grill.nnI love tappas, because everybody can come in and share and have a drink.nnThe drink we’re making today da is low calorie, he clp you be as healthy as you can.nnShow me what we’re going to do first.nnFirst we have a margarita,, we’re going to use hibiscus infused tequila.nnOh, that does smell nice. Ll e.nnSweet. It’s low calorie.nnYou use this as an agave nectar instead of sugar.nn100% agave, we have the agave nectar instead



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