Love Sign “Stray Cat Strut”

Enjoy the music of Love Sign at The City Center.
>>heather: we are on center stage. the band love sign have been rocking this hour. people can enjoy you and wine at kranert uncorked. >> we are told it is a free wine tasting. but if they want more, they have to buy it. >>heather: and it’s free parking after 5:00. you have lots of opportunity to try it out. you also play festivals and shows and events. >> we play anywhere, anytime. if you have a suggestion, let us know. go on facebook. >> people asked us, where we things like that. we have a lot of information on their. >>heather: you bring the party. there you go. so for people who come to your show. what is something they leave thinking? >> first, they laugh a lot at us because we are pretty much behave as you have probably seen. take a lot from that.. >>heather: you definitely bring the party. we are so glad you are here. what song are you performing ? ? now?? ? >> stray cat strut.? ?



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