Love Sign “Jolene”

Love Sign performs at The City Center
>>heather: hang now on the city center stage is love sign with dolly parton’s rendition of jolene. take it away.? ? [music] ? ? [singing] >>heather: all right. it’s love sign on the city center stage. let’s talk a little bit. how long have you been performing together? >> almost a year. >>heather: so you are still newlyweds. >> we are not killing each other yet. >>heather: let’s talk about kranert uncorked. >> it will be a really great night. you can come taste some wine. please come out and let us perform for you. we’ll have a nice line up of a variety of stuff we do. >>heather: it said you are love task – – what does that mean? >> we love each other so much. a lot of our songs center around the theme of love. i know there don’t know that was incompletely intentional. >>heather: use of the red tied in with your color ordination. you will stick around. what can people expect coming up? >



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