Los Sombreros Offers Mexican Food From Family Recipes

This restaurant has been serving Scottsdale for 15 years
great res pee — restaurant i’m going to tell you about. >> it is a mexican restaurant serving up res pees for more than 15 years. today, we go inside los sombreros caffey and cantina. ?[ music ]? >> los sombrero offer authentic elegant and fabulous food. we are a restaurant that was established since 1994. i come as one of the pioneers of mexican food in arizona. now, i am on a quest to get all of my mom’s res pees. you realize, my mom has so many treasures, and i haven’t gotten them all. of course, you know, a lot of these res pees — i’m going to be making a beef stew made of which ili negro. sauce. two pounds of briskets. you take some of the fats out. we’re going to add a cup of chopped onions, two cloves of garlic, one table spoon of sea salt, a little bit of cilantro and mint. boil these about three hours. chile — we’re going to get the briskets out, and you’re going to shred it.



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