Loon Lake Lodge

Chef Jim Roberts cooks up King Salmon
>> we want to remind you our beautiful kitchen is provided by kitchens by design, always beautiful, always by design. and being provided today, key lime pie. yes! >> the best key lime pie. don’t forget that. >> the best. >> chef dave’s personal recipe he stole from somebody. just kidding. he’s my buddy. >> we put the recipes on our web site. i wish we could during the commercial break there was a story about a guy named buckie and some fish in the grand canyon [laughter] it was a great story. but that story, it encapitals let’s the environment and the atmosphere you’re trying to get. >> this is a place you got to go. we came up with this my friend and i, charles lafner jr. sometime about 1996 and he spent a lot of time flying up into the wilderness and fishing and that sort of thing and he cooked up this idea and it turned into loon lake lodge. >> want to bring that element, the hunting



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