Looking For Lunch? Get Chicago-style Hot Dog, Fries For $2

Smart Shoppers can score a Deal of the Day that will satisfy any hot dog craving.
>>> if you’re in the mood for hot dog and fries you will love this deal today. because i’m here in gilbert at jimmy’s of chicago, which opened about 17 months ago. and carrie, who is the owner, now carrie tell me a little bit about the restaurant and the food you serve. and i really want you to talk about the huge sandwich there. >> well, that huge sandwich is the italian beef and it is loaded up with sweet and hot peppers. all the recipes are from my wife, 100% italian recipes from chicago. we wanted to bring out the real thing here. >> and the pastas? >> this is a homemade sauce here as well. >> this is a green pepper pizza. >> plus, you have hot dogs and fries and all the fixings? >> yes, we have a lot of sandwiches. and the hot dog is from chicago, everybody knows what is on that thing. >> and what does the hot dog cost here? >> 5.99. >> you’re doing a wonderful deal here for shopper



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