Lomo Saltado

We’re cooking up Lomo Saltado in the Kitchen with Chef Omar Curi of Los Andes.
bottom of that. at in the t meantime, vince, we hope you’re wearingu’ all your underg arments in the kitchen. what have you got for ust ? >> i’m going>> to leave that onele alone. we have omar from los andesnd restaurant in providence. vi what are you a making for usus today. first of all i have askedd him, , is th is going tois be gtoood and he said oh, yeah. >> tell us what we’ve got,. >> today we’re going to be working with lomo saltado, a traditional dish, we’reh, going to be using si cilantro, white sauce, black pepper, tomatoes. >> the phrase i seem to hear a a lot is a little bit. a little bit,le a little bit, a little bit. so it’s going to be a dash of this, a dash of that. it’s the taste. >> definitely. >> what is this here, they look like french fries. >> in the end, we’re going to throw it in ro i the, mix t it aroutnd and a side dish d we’re going to t have is a mixture of ou



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