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butternut squash bisque
butternut squash which is the signature within ter soup here. we’ll first start with olive oil. then we’ll start with our oniers. then we’l start with onions, cele, and carrots. over a medium heat. while that is going, we’re going to going ahead and dice a grany smith apple which is seeded then a quick rough chop. then go ahead and add this to the pot. it will take five or six minutes. we’ll also ahead, season it with sea salt. and some cracked pepper. and then in the meantime here, we have some roasted butternut squash which takes about 45 to 60 minutes to cook. once they are cooked. we’ll ahead and take your hands off, split them, obviously take the seeds out. then take the meat of the squash out. so for the butternut squash here. we’ll lightly oil them and put them into a 350-degre oven, then we just slow roast them for 45 to 60 minutes. then obviously, let them cool until we can hand



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