Locals Take On The Cook-Off

Busy day down here in Newport as restaurants gear up for The Great Chowder Cook-Off. We had someone from Alaska, North Carolina, Florida, and now we have locals from East Greenwich
This is an excitingng weekendee for one local family.nnThe great chowder cookoff, ben hague still liven in newport with more on their story and their entry. Ben.nnBusy day down herere at newport. We had someone from alaska, north carolina, florida, now we ehave locahals from east greenwich, kate and tony, thanks so much for joing us, guys. Tony, this is an amazing amountma of stuff right here. Why don’t you bring us through the table and tell us what a couple of these items areit.nnThese are your local rhodeho island co-hogso- used miscellaneous chowders, steamer clams.nnI l iove steamers by the way you have to cook some of those up. .nnThese are t oysters, local rock crab, scup,.nnWhat’s this guy right t here and why is he so angry?nnThat’s a black tisch — fish and you can s the teeth on the front, they can open a kahog. G.nn’ india don’t havehands either . Which is pretty amazing they



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