Local Woman Bakes Up A Business

Lindon Kindlon Bakes For You and stirs up a business.
the majority of the country’s workforce. but, not all of the women working are working r someone else. they are starting their own businesses. in our ‘today’s women’ report-we meet a women who is ‘stirring up’ a lot of attention. in 2009, the country faced its ‘biggest’ economic crisis since world war two. so you can imagine- some people thought linda kindlon’s decision to open a business- making ‘cookies’- was a little ‘half baked!’ it was scary- i think i am a risk taker and i said i might as well do it now. in fact, linda who has baked almost all her life, says she wasn’t happy doing anything else. i’ve waitressed- tended bar and cooked. i goa conventional job but my skin was crawling after about seven months and i said i think i just want to bake. so she got her recipes, got the blessing of her family, got some business advice and asked herself some tough questions. can i afford to d



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