Local Spice Girls – Tsp Spices

Two local women who have come up with a way to individually package spices to keep them from going stale in your kitchen cabinet.
the purchases at shabby apple. maybe you’ find a good deal. >>> when it comes to ideas, this is a great one. i didn’t know this one, spices go stale. i wanted to introduce you to two local women with a smart solution. >> it’s a pleasure. >> thank you for being — thank you for having us. >> of course, they go stale. >> and light, air and moisture are the energy of the spice flavor. in the way that they’re packaged, it leaves them to be stale quickly. you guys met and you came up with an idea. >> well, the idea was that we had heard that light air, and moisture makes the spices go stale. and we looked at the jars and the light. we looked at the spice cabinets. they were a mess. they wld buy something and loose it. we thought, why is it so hard to store the spices in the correct way. one idea lead to’d and we decided to do that. and so, we put the spices in single use packages. they’re pre



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