Local School District Works To Offer Healthier Lunches

The Riverside Local School District goes all out to provide healthy lunches to students. They have chosen to exceed federal standards and have managed to stay within their budget.
catch jamie oliver’s food revolution. the chef goes into cityallenges them to improve the way they eat. he is tough on school. >> he could come tariff every side local school district in painesville but may not find much to change or anything for that matter. nutritionists have chosen to rise above government standards for school lunches and it is not easy. >>> chow time at he roy elementary is typical but the food these kids are getting is not typical. far healthier than what government standards we choir. providing it is hard but rewarding work >> i love my job. i come to school every day, i see the kids every day i know they are getting something good to eat. i know it is not all processed. >> reporter: the processed food is what the government supplies. the fresh stuff, the expensive stuff, is left up to the school district’s nutrition director to find. >> if you want to have options



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