Local Ralph’s Customers React To Weighing Issues

Ralph’s Grocery Store faces criminal charges in Los Angeles after investigators found weights didn’t match up with prices.
vestigion into whether o a not large grocery chain is unfairly overcharging ‘s ctomers has resulted in criminal arges. the los angeles county depant of weights an measur conducted undercover@(est purchases at 14 ralphs stores in l-a. in the end, ralphs and is parent cpany kroger a arged with zens of business code violations. . fang morthan a half million dollars in fines. news chael pe djegal spoke with soutand shoppers inking twice about where theyuy their food. longtime ralphs shoppers here in the valley are stunned the news. “well,’m surprised.” “i wasn’t aware of it.” “hopefully, it’s not ue.” the l-a ci attorney’s undercover operation only inveigated l-a county stores. but, customers here in th valley now wonder if they too argetting overchged. “i think it’s@jnfair, because everything’s al high on food and everything.” “we’ve got three basic kinds of olions.” first, raplhs isacsed o



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