Local Popeyes On Unwrapped

A local chain restaurant, Popeyes, got a little taste of stardom when a camera crew from the Food Network’s “Unwrapped” showed up to film the restaurant.
Litt le taste of stardom, when a camera crew from a popular food network show showed up to film the restaurant. Take a look.k.nnThere are chicken joints all over this country, so the question is, why is the food network show unwrapped,pp choosing popeye’s to spotlight.nnYou’re’r doing a — we’re doing a feature on popeye’s and itsan i history and they actually callectdd us, because our twoe stores arere the first twoth storsres in i think, hi i believe the only two stores right now that have the new concept and the new design.nnIn this store, you’ll notice the frontfr counter, in most fast-food rest aurants and popeye’s, you hit a register first. In here, we want to serve the customer first. Er we have all of our chicken is if the front counter and whenou you’re speaking to oneg of our representatives, the first thing they do is ask you what typee chicken and they’re packing it in the bo



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