Local Makes It On ‘Worst Cooks In America’

Jennifer Vecchio of Cumberland is known for her ‘Tuna-Mac n’ Cheese’ dish she makes at home, but now she’s taking her unique recipe on national tv after successfully auditioning for the new show called ‘Worst Cooks in America’.
perella’s, but our next guest could use a it’sy bitsy little help. >> just a little help. that’s the food network show, worst cooks in america, just premiered early this month and a local cumberlandwoman is one of the cooks. cumberland native, jennifer vicko is here, she was the creator of tuna, mac and cheese. >> tell us about how this all came about. how did you get the spot on the part? it’s the worst cook, how did you find out about it? >> well, one day i was in the kitchen, burning something up, and my husband was on the laptop and he came across a casting call on line that said, food network is searching for really bad cooks, so he said, — >> yeah. >> exactly. so he said, i’m going to — i’m going to write in, and then he called about a week later, and i went out and i had to bring a dish and i brought my tuna, mac and cheese, and of course they thought it was a disaster, so that



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