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Hyatt corporate chefs look to local farms for ingredients.
local food d supplies. supplies.but – all new at ten – kxan’s “jim swift” tells us the ifmovement is already getting support here in austin, from an unlikely source: a giant corporate hotel chain. chain.te 3 it is the dead of a summer in the midst of a devastating drought, but at boggy creek farm in midreast austin, the food just keeps coming.twice a week here, the farm opens to the public and lately, that public includes kevin dee, chef de quisine at austin’s hyatt regency hotel.swift asks, “what are you looking for, particularly?” particularly?” 3 dee says, “actually, normally we just, i y,grab everything that looks good and then we get back to the restaurant and try to figure out something. t “so there’s plenty of times we have weird combos just because of that.” that.” meo 3 boggy creek farm owner carol ann sayle says, “they’ll have a tasting menu, a chalk board special or something



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