Local Hand Made Gourmet Caramels

Becky’s Blissful Bakery offers a variety of handmade gourmet caramels, caramel sauces, cookies, and other delicious snacks. The best part is that these products are made by hand, locally! If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone who’s having a baby, getting married or celebrating an anniversary, the uniqueness of these gifts will leave a lasting sweet memory.nnHere’s one of Becky’s delicious drink recipes to celebrate for the holiday.nnCaramel Apple MartininnThe caramel apple martini recipe we used that included your caramel sauce is:nn2 parts butterscotch schnappsnn2 parts sour apple puckernn1 part vodkannPut all of the above in a martini shaker with ice and shake for approx. 20 secs.nnPour into a chilled martini glass onto which you’ve swirled Becky’s Blissful Caramel Sauce.nnAnother fun tip: cut Becky’s caramels into small chunks, insert a decorative toothpick and place in the martini.nn nn nnCheck out Becky’s website here:nnwww.beckysblissfulbakery.com
>>> and welcome. there are many great ways to enjoy carmel. in ice cream, wrapped around an apple, in your mouth. >> can i think of more. >>> our next guest incorporated an ingredient that screams only in wisconsin. rebecca is with us owner of becky’s blissful bakery where they create hand made gourmet carmels with 100% organic ingredients. and the surprise ingredient we are talking about right now is beer. >> beer. in carmel? >> beer in carmel. >> it tastes good. >> who would have thunk it. >> it is fantastic. we use our own lakefront brewery organic. it is local upon local and it is wonderful. it is my most popular product. >> that’s what we have here. >> that’s right. >> and you have it here. >> yes. >> how do you come up with this concoction. >> i want to work with other local organic companies and went to the store and bought a couple of six packs and played with some recipes. >> th



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