Local Chefs Give Advice On What To Look For When Eating Out

Local chefs reveal clues to help know what really goes on behind the scenes at your local restaurant.
How often do you go out to eat? Whether it’s once a monthso once a week you deserve to know what’s going on behind the scenes and nobody knows better than the chef who prepares your food. In tonight’s special dirty dining report our wendy ryan reveals what chefs are watching for when they dine out.nnReporter: there’s no substitute for fresh ingredients.nnFresh garlic and oil.nnReporter: that’s the rule chef lutino insists on.nnI’m italian.nnReporter: he knows what goes into preparing a great meal, and there are some rules he follows when he eats out.nnYou step in the front door, you look around. You look at the table. You look at server, and you look at glasses. If is the silverware clean? Are the table clothes clean? Are the glasses nice and clean sf.nnIf i go into a place and it doesn’t feel right and the floors are dirty and the place is not. You just usually turn around and go somewh



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