Local Chef Wants On ‘Hell’s Kitchen’

“Hell’s Kitchen” star and often crazy Executive Chef Gordon Ramsay is getting ready to cast for the upcoming season of his hit TV show, and The Rhode Show found one local chef who thinks he can take the heat.
And ingredients on line at foxpro vidence.com.nnHealth kitchen chef and crazy executive chefut gordon ramsey is r getting ready to cast for his upcoming show. And then thinks he found one local chef that he thinks can take the heat.nnYou’re walking around with a bowl of food in your hand eating away. That’s not how i run by [beep] by business.nnSo you want to be a tv chef, hey? That’s what bistro 9 executive ti chef aaron edwards hasar in mind, after an east greenwich restaurant has been getting nothing but rave revthiews.nnI’m a humble guy and this restaurant has been getting rave ng ereviews. Re.nnThe success of the restaurant is due in part to a large menu l and cooking style which edwards admits is similar to that of his possible future boss.nnHis menu is very — i don’t want to use the word simple in the wrong way, but the kiss principle, keep it simple, stupid is the other word at



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