Local Chef Vying To Be Best In The Midwest

Local chef Alex Pope is vying to be the best chef in the Midwest.
(cynthia) a kansas city chef is in the national spotlight for his delcious dishes. and you help him get even more notoriety fernando ochoa has more. 3 miles, can i get cilantro. cooking is in alex popes blood. some may say, he was born into it.alex pope – executive chef r bar & restaurant”they love that i do this cooking thing, everybody cooks in my family, especially my grandmother taught my mother, taught everybody else.” he’s been cooking professionally for the past 7 years, from madison, wisconson to new york to kansas city. pope landed the exectutive chef position at r bar & restaurant nearly 2 years ago and customers are loving him and his creations.sean o’brien – general manager bar & restaurant”we have a wonderfull and loyal cliant base and certainly the word is getting out through organizations like food & wine, that we have a wonderfull chef here and he’s doing



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