Local Chef Joins The Fight Against Childhood Obesity

Local chef joins the fight against childhood obesity
problem here in america…but first lady michelle obama is cooking up some good ideas to help kids cut back… earlier this month the first lady met with chefs from around the country…including one from right here in palm beach county… and as newschannel five’s sean balewski tells us… this local chef has some tasty ideas of his own… << exercise and healthy eating…it what’s children today have moved away from… studies estimate that four percent of kids in the u-s are extremely obese…but first lady michelle obama is making it her mission to change that…earlier this month… she held a summit of chefs to discuss ways to make kids eat healthier…west palm beach chef david pantone was among the crowd… it was just amazing to see all of these people from all over the country who all share a passion for food and a passion for helping children through feeding them better.



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