Local Chef Heading To National Competition

A local chef representing RI is competing in a national competition.
all over the place. >> we never sit for more than a minute. >> this is nick graybar and you’re going to be all over the place too. >> you’re a big shot. tell us what happened. >> well, governor cacieri will be at the state convention. >> you’re sharing your recipe and you don’t want anybody else to find out and watch the “the rhode show.” >> i don’t want to let the cat out of the bag, but i did bring some of the ingredients that will be in the dish today. >> run them down for us. >> i’m sure we’ll be able to make a few people guess. we’re doing clams, potatoes, mussels, steamers and lobster. >> i have a quick question. you said you were appoint by the governor. the governor tasted his food and said you’re hired. >> he’s been in the restaurant a few times. >> that’s a yes. >> well, we have a lot of great chefs in the state, so i’m sure it was a hard choice. >> that’s the other thing. you



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