Local BBQ On ’Man V. Food’ TV Show

Once again the national spotlight is shining on local barbecue with a Man V.Food Episode featuring Adam Richman is being filmed at a Bonner Springs restaurant about a sandwich that’s making stomachs growl.
Ben Chandler serves up one monster of a meal called the ultimate destroyer.  Bob’s bar-b-que “were basically weighing half pounds of everything.and he means everything.”pulled pork” “pork””ham””turkey””3 half pound smoked hamburgers” “brisket””bar-b-que sausage” lathered in sauce . bread in between layers with a pound and half of fries and 4 pickles. if you finish it in 45 minutes, it’s free. a task most pass on . Bob’s bar-b-qu has had probably 25-30 people that have attempted it, but nobody has done it yet. Will Adam Richman from Man V. Food complete the Ultimate Destroyer Sandwich ?



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