Local Bakery Supplies Pierogi To Northeast Ohio

Local bakery supplies pierogi to Northeast Ohio
thin mints, dosie does and other cookies will be sent to the men and women in the military. >> president clinton enjoyed a sampling visiting northeast ohio and others have called the stuffed dough the ravioli of ukraine. dave give us us a sample of the ever popular pierogi especially during this season of lent. >> reporter: wonderful aromas leap into your nose as soon as you walk through the door to rudies viewedle, cakes, they have something for everyone’s sweet tooth. we are here to see what is going on in the back room. we are talking pierogies. for those of you unthat milliare with this east — unfamiliar with this eastern delicacy. >> it is like ravioli, a dough pocket with filling inside. >> reporter: do they have the fillings, besides traditional potato with cheese, sauerkraut >> chef we make broccoli, cheddar, mushroom and onion and we also carry fruit even meat. >> reporter: eve



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