Local Bakery Hopes To Win Best Cupcake

Deana and Ryan Cimorelli, owners of The Bakery Boutique, which won last year’s best cupcake in RI Monthly’s Best of Rhode Island. They were also featured on the cover of the magazine last year, and they join us on The Rhode Show to display their latest delicious creations.
Coming up later in the show.ho patrick.nnAll right the second we’ve been waiting for all morning. We begin to bring the best of rhode island to you with one of plastic surgery year’s bigy winners. The bakery boutique, made the covete d cover of the magazine and joing me this morning are ar the owners, dina and ryan cimerelli, congratulations on your cover last year a cnd this year,ar you’re going to be supplying some treats for the folks at the party tonight. .talk a bout the success of the company since last year at this time.nnAll right. A well, we weren’t even open six months and we didn’t even specialize inli cupcakes, we justs, started, i used to just do cookie trays and we got a note saying we won the best of an went to an events party and found out we were on the cover and literally, orders were coming in the night of the show. When i got to the shop the next day, i was listening



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