Local Baker On Competition Show

Local baker from North Providence on reality show, The Next Great Baker.
>> wel >> well, get ready, because rhode islanders are taking over your tv. a local man is the latest to compete in a national reality series.es ryan cimorelli from the bakery boutique is competing in tlc’s next great baker and it’s premiering tonight. take a look. >> i’m ryan cimorelli, i’m 30 years old,ye i’m from north providence rhode island. a construction worker/electrician that kind of fell into decorating cakes, one day my wife asked me for help at her bakery and i ended up loving it. two years ago, we both lost ouros jobs, and decided to spend our whole life savings on opening up a bakery. screwdriver, no phillips head, flat head. >> people call me cocky, a know it all, but that’s only because most of the time i know what i’m talking about. >> all right. well there you have it and joing us this morning is ryan cimorellily, good morning, ryan. >> good morning. >> you’re familiar



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