Lobster & Scallops

Chef Jawn Chasteen
>> i’m here with jawn chasteen. you are a good bern to know. >> we’re going to make lobster and scallops. >> are you married? >> yes. [laughter] >> they are both coming from the great state of maine. >> two of my favorite dishes. you are going to get us started by doing what? >> we’re going to put the fish on. i have got some beautiful cod here, put it on. bunches of, of a large griddle that we use with the sea grill, and it’s fantastic, serves one purpose, it renders the fat, pulls it away, even cooking. >> oh, ok. >> for the fish, but, it keeps us from using too many pans. >> ok. >> we can use lots and lots of fish without going through the pans and the oil you need. >> off and on, off and on. >> right. >> it’s fantastic. >> this is a thick piece, right? >> yeah. >> there’s been 7.5, eight ounces. >> it’s high water in the fish. >> right. >> it’s really, really, it really loses a lot o



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