Lobster Rolls

We’re cooking Lobster Roll with tomato confit, watermelon radish & cob-smoked bacon with Cafe Nuovo in The Rhode Show Kitchen.
flow what it is. — know what it – is. let’s go tole the kitchen. right now vince is making lobste r rolls. >> this is not what you’reha going ngto find in the i freeezer, in the supermarket. i’m with executive chef jason kemp frommp cafme knew sew.w last time you were —- nuovo.nu last t ime you wereu here, we hade fantastic butternut squash. today you are bringing us lobster roll. >> we’re going to w focus on one dish, which is a variation on a lobsterlor roll. ll this is an appetizer and for a f lunch, it is an entree. we’ve got two pound lobster, ,this will feed two to four people. the dish counties off tomato confit, cob smokedok bay can and lemon zest and tomato. >> is it something that you stuff the lobster with? >> it’s a composed salad, so it’s’s actually — we mix the mayonnaise in with the lobster, the herbs, lemon zest. >> so nothing goes inng thse oven, other than the lobst



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