Lobster Roll From Nellie Green’s

Hotel Talmadge Lobster Roll from Nellie Green’s Restaurant.
in the nfl and after 13 years in the nfl and after 13 years in the nfl >>> welcome back everybody. she may have only been 5’5″, but nellie green’s reputation as — was definitely bigger than life. >> delicious elfood, lotsod of fun, back t o s hare a great recipe. >> great to be baatck. an an we love talking about d afte aflobster. >> we love to eat it even more.r 13 years >> even more. in th that is the better part.e nf >> what are we making today?l >> hotel talmadge lobster roll, and we make it in our house made puff pastry. >> puff pastry, not the bun, nbut puff pastry. >> is this i fairly easy to do? >> if i’m here cooking it, it ai is easy to do. no professional chef today, just myself. ju>> so>> modest. >> how did you get it int i that shape? an >> we have a form that we cut d afte it to shape, and it bakes and a r 13 pufs up and wpe hollow out the years inside and off we go. in >>



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