Lobster Pot Pie

New Haven (WTNH) – Tracy Planinshek and Susan Jaskot from Dockside Seafood and Grill in Branford joined Connecticut Style to prepare lobster pot pie.
our next guests say if you’re tired of the same old thing, their restaurant is the place to be. the owners of dockside seafod & grill they say love the look a customer gets when they bite into one of their creations. you have piqued my interest. susan jaskot and tracy planinshek are here, the new owners of dockside. >> we had our grand opening monday. we had music, lots of fun. >> you are located in the marina in branford. this must be quite a view. >> gorgeous. outdoor setting, seating out there. >> indoor outdoor setting, dining, beautiful view of the marina, and the best sunsets in the state. >> wow. which is why lobster is appropriate. is ts guy — >> he islready cooked. >> soft shell crab yesterday, and i swear he was still staring at me. what are we making? >> famous dockside lobster pot pie. >> what do we do? >> you can use anything you want, either left overlobster shells, if



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