Lobster Popover

We’re cooking a Lobster Popover in the kitchen with DeWolf Tavern .
in the watch. >> let’s head over toov the kitchen, lily.tc >> i’m here with chef lawrence freomom dewolf tavern who has presented me this morning with a live lobster on a plate on a bed a of mixed greens. ix the reasonon why it’s called lobster popover, because ifop, you see the lobster come to you live like this, you’re going to pop right over on your chair. ha so apparently, here’s the h liveiv lobste r, part of tlohe dr,ishhe here this morning. >> want to let you see, we don’t use imitation. >> it’s all realll. there he is. >> and what else will go in to this lobster popover. what is aata popover? >> popover is a crisp,ri airy, ,almost like a pastry — >> it can be i b sweetwe or savory. >> yes. we’re going to do a savory one for th e dish.. >> is this clam juice here? ? >> no, that’s lobster stock. >> i never even heard of such a thing, but earth the fancy chef. i wouldn’t know. garl



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