Lobster Macaroni And Cheese

We’re cooking Lobster Macaroni and Cheese with a Fall Harvest Salad in the kitchen with The Lobster Pot.
much. let’s head over to the kitchen it right now. pat is getting ready to make some macand cheese. >> we’re veryer blessed, we have a great location. we’re ready for a busy holiday location. >> you’re so busy, you have two locations. lo lobster pot, great spot. so this morning, lobster mac & cheese. >> we’ve been therere for 25 years, theth lobster pot has been there for eight years, we’re celebrating by having a specialpe menu an one of ourf featured items is lobster macaroni and cheese and a fall harvest salad. >> what goes into the lobster macand cheese. >> we have w butter, flour, parmesan cheese, cheddaree cheese, cream and milk m and some bread br crumbs and our chef jim is going to put it together foret you and in our hurarvest salad we have h boston lettuce, blue cheese,he candied walnuts, dried cranberries, grapeie tomatoes, onion, apple and vinaigrette on n top. >> and a n



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