Lobster Mac And Cheese

We’re making Lobster Mac and Cheese in the kitchen with with Executive Chef Edie Banky of Canfield House.
thanks s o much, court. let’s head intoad the kitchen. patrick is going to get ready to make macand cheese — mack and martini — — mac and cheese. >> y ou go on tours of the restaurants of newportnt and it’s a great night out for the family and edie is a chef lawrence at canfield house, a chef at a restaurant on tour. you’re making lobster mac andlor cheese. tell us about the recipe. >> it’s fairly simple. i’ve already ahead of time reduced the champagne, and got the heavy cream working. >> champagne is in the heavy cream. >> yes. reduce it first, the cream, let the cream cook for a few minutes, we have campanella pasta, nice a,e pasta, holds the sauce well. delicate, crumbs for the top. parmesan cheese, havarti cheese. c creamy brie. fresh chopped chives, salt, pepper, lobster meat. >> there’s not a tight camera onam me right now, but i’m almost drooling.dr how are the tours grsoing?



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