Lobster En Fuego And Filet

We’re cooking Lobster En Fuego and Filet with Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse in The Rhode Show kitchen.
the kitchen right now, vince, have what you got cooking for sinus. >> speaking of that era of music, that brisance to a segue here, because valentine’s day is not that far away and we have a couple of guys from fleming’s steakhouse in providence, we have michael edwards and economy john savale, and you are cooking us, lobster and frago any lay. — fillet. tell us what that is. >> the beauty about this weekend, it’s a whole weekend long, so with valentine’s being on sunday, you can start on friday and bring your — >> just keep on going. >> bring your wife or girlfriend or significant other. saturday or sunday. so we’ve got a sharing menu that we put together for valentine’s day. >> so quickly tell me what it is, what it encompasses. >> we’re doing dinner for two all weekend, we’re going to do a stuffed lobster. the lobster will have orzo in it, spicey lobster sauce that we’re going to us



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