Lobster Cocktail In Avocado Sauce

We’re cooking Lobster cocktail in a creamy avocado sauce with Cowesett Inn.
to do it? who is your favorite? >> the turtle. >> the dude, guy.e , >> let ‘s go’s into the kitchenit where vince is helping to make not one, but two dishes.he >> i have a plethora of seafood here. meet pam. you’ve been here before. how is everything? >> very good. >> i see that giant lobster. i’vei’ got dibs on thatot thing. tell us what we have here. >> we’re going tore start t off with w little necks andli mussels. >> what?ha >> it’s going to beg be diablo alio. >> is that hot? >> spicey. >> how do we preparepa it? >> start off with oil, fr oesh garlic,ic littlenecks, let them l simmer a little bit, and then i’ll add whitedd wine and clam ala broth and i’ll add i myy banana peppers, which is spicey and mussels and cherry tomatoes and in-house -hgarlic butter.ga >> let’s move to the left and show us what you havwhe over here? >> we have a cold lobster cocktail. >> can i eat one of thos



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