Lobster & Chowder Night

Every Wednesday night at the Stony Creek Congregational Church in Branford is lobster and chowder night.
don’t know about you but i’m hungry. >> girl, i’ve been hunegry since 1:45 this morning. >> it is lunchtime. we’re having shelfish. l >> that is what i hear. every wednesday throughout the summer you can get your fill of seafood at the stony creek lobster and chowder night.ch here to show us how it is al done is lobster mike and oyster dick. >> thank you for having us. we haven’t been across the bridge in three years. >> welcome, we’re glad to have you. >> let’s set it you will up al. talk about what we will be making today. >> we will do fresh lobster rolls, starting with the lobster, and we wil do griled buns on here. and desiree and oyster dick will be opening clams and oysters. >> we’ve been hearing a lot about this shuck-off. and you have to show me how it is done becausei’ve never shucked bere. >> i’m going make my husband proud today. you told me if i’m able to complete this and d



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