Lobster BLT

We’re cooking Lobster BLT with Spiced Pear at the Chanler.
blt’s today, it sounds sods good. patrick, what’s gopaing on in there? >> it’s going to be i really, really good. thomas duffy fromom the spicedpi pear at the chanler is with us. how are you? a lobster te blt, correct? >> lobster.er >> bacon, b lobster and tomato. >> no lettuce. >> there is t an l, blt, lobster, bacon, lettuce tomato. what’s in this awesome sandwich? >> we start with a pound and a a quarter of fresh local lobster. >> how much? >> pou nd panned a quarter.qu >> ok. >> we buy them whole, cook them in the restaurant, it’s fresh lobster. cherry smoked bacon, avocado, lemonmo zest, limeim zest, orange zest, mayo,, avocado, tomato and mixed green. >> nears always a secret sauce s involved. >> we use — >> you can give it a way? >> i give everythingin away. sieve trust cream fresh, which w is the use osef orange, lemon and lime, the zest, z mayo, and yuzu and a touch of vanilla.



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