Lobster Bisque

The Derby-Shelton Rotary Club’s 2nd annual Steak & Lobster Bake.
shelton rotary club’s lobster bake,ba ladies, so great to have. >> thank you for having us. >> this is your second time on the show, diane. >> ye s, it is. >> you are a pro. >> i don’t know about that. >> urena good hands, i assure. >> i know. tell us what we’re making today. very good, it smels delicious. >> what weh will make today is creole shrimp and lobster bisque a la rotary. >> it sounds very god. get it started. let’s talk about the ingredients you need to make a very god andod tasty lobster bisqteue a la rotary. we will get it we’re starting with what? >> we’re starting with some butter. four tablespoons of bute r. >> our directions here, one small on join finally chopped.h >> finely chopped. >> we will dump that in. . >> and two stalks of sell re. it is already — celery. it is already precut the way we like to. >> thanks to das vid grant who is supposed to be the chef today so



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