Lobster Avocado Empanadas

We’re cooking Lobster Avocado Empanadas with Executive Chef Scott Kirmil and Craig Naughton of Diego’s Mexican Gourmet Restaurant.
so much, let’s head over to the kitchen. vince, what have you got for us. >> i’m choking down some lobster, i apologize. right now we’re going to be cooking lobster empanada, correct? >> yes. you got it. >> we have scott and greg from, tell us where you’re from, guys. diego’s restaurant in newport. i apologize. >> we have fresh lobsters we cooked of off this morning, down at the wharf as well, we have ripe avocados. >> you get them right from the wharf. >> yes. >> fresh limes, cilantro, over here, diced tomatoes, black beans, aioli, diced scallion, and black pepper. over year, we have a cocktail we’re working on. >> so before we get to the cocktail, how are we going to cook this up, are we going to take the lobster meat out and everything together and mash it altogether in a bowl jonathan cambra. >> we’ll dice this up, equal parts of the avocado, we’ll mix it together, season it up, add



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