Lobster And Crab

We’re learning how to cook Lobster and Crab with Steven Pearson from The Nordic Lodge in the The Rhode Show kitchen.
haven’t had it before. >> you better come b on back here when this is en all done because that’s what we’re cooking today. steve pearson is here fromn t he famous nordic lodge. temperature us wheree the nordic lodge is. >> in charlest own rhode island, it’s an a all you can eat high end buffet. . >> with fish, correct?tqzb >> correct. lobster, king crab, snow crab, on and a on. >> you have it alll man and don’t eat for two days befores you go y there, trust me. we have lobsweters te here. tell me about what we’veut got. >> we’ve got two clawed hard shell lobsters from the north f atlantic, ther e’s only one animal like it and they are delicious. they’re going to be boiled here b with butter, sea salt, and that’s it. they’re going to be in for the propriate amount of timeat, , we’ll show you how to break it open, how to, eat them t easily, and you’re going to like it. >> so tell us a stqh



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